CALMA & TERRA Candles (Organic Soy)
CALMA & TERRA Candles (Organic Soy)
CALMA & TERRA Candles (Organic Soy)
CALMA & TERRA Candles (Organic Soy)

CALMA & TERRA Candles (Organic Soy)

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We've teamed up with ZOAconcept to bring you a candles collection made with pure organic soy wax & only natural elements. This is a limited edition of only 25 handmade pieces. Both candles are included as we think they are specially beautiful together:

The scents used are sandalwood & vanilla as they are two powerful elements to introduce a feeling of harmony and calm. Light them when you are home for restful moments. 

An earthy candle with a scent called "Flow" as a celebration of those relaxation moments when you just let go. Made with a combination of sugar and spices like ginger and cardamon, it is perfect for cozy evenings.

Flow scent:
Top notes: sugar icing with spice ginger notes 
Middle notes: cilantro, cardamon, lemongrass 
Base notes: vanilla with cinnamon

Being handmade, slight variations that add uniqueness to the piece may exist. The candles are made to order to avoid overproduction and assure the best quality when you receive it. A unique one will be crafted just for you.

Caeli has partnered with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every product sold. Learn more about the project here.