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  • White box with the Evening Rituals Box and the Skin-care Routine
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Xmas Gift Box for the body, mind & soul

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Rituals for the body, mind and soul by Amate Naturals & Caeli.

Take a deep breath and feel your presence. It’s time to be with yourself, take care of yourself, and love yourself. Can you start feeling some gratitude for this moment?

The Xmas Gift Box is an invitation into the beauty of loving yourself inside out. Transform everyday skincare routines into magic with the Terra Rossa Routine by Amate Rituals. Connect with your soul and essence with the Evening Rituals Meditation Box by Caeli.

The Xmas Gift Box Includes:

  • Organic Bulgarian Rose Water 100ml from Amate Naturals
  • Immortelle Facial Serum 30ml from Amate Naturals
  • Terra Rossa Exfoliating Facial Mask 100ml from Amate Naturals
  • Evening Rituals Box from Caeli

*Please be aware that all orders will be shipped in early December.

** White box not included


- About the Terra Rossa Routine:

Spray the rose water on cleansed face.
Mix 1-2 spoons of Terra Rossa Mask with water or the floral water. 
Gently massage to exfoliate the skin.
Apply the mask on the face for 4-5 minutes and remove by rinsing with warm water.
Massage with the Immortelle serum.


- About the Evening Rituals Box:

It has been carefully designed to guide you in the creation of a calm oasis every evening. It includes all the elements you may need to create your own ritual: 30 incense sticks of 5 different modern scents, 5 meditations of different types made by expert instructors (in English, around 10 minutes each), a handmade incense holder, and a guiding booklet. The scents and the meditations have been thoughtfully curated and combined to enhance the whole experience. 

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