A Glimpse into Slow Living

In a world full of movement and traffic, we get lost in the noise of life. Practicing slow living can help us gain control and bring balance to our body, mind, and soul. What does it mean to live a slow life? How do we practice slow living?

We asked our community to answer these questions, and we want to share with you their secret to achieve a slower life. 

Be Present:

“Slow living is being human. Enjoy the present, be present. Be one with yourself.”
“Stop and pay attention."
Photo Cred: kellybrownphotographer.com

When you fully dedicate yourself to the present, you truly become one with yourself and your surroundings. This can be such a good time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. A cup of tea, a good conversation, the presence of someone you love. 

We can become more present by turning off our phones, sensing how our bodies feel, or giving thanks before we start the day. Take in the moment, breathe, and go with the slow…

Be Mindful:

“Slow Living means being mindful and considering the products you buy.” 

“It is related to conscious consumption.”

Mindful consumption has benefits for our environment and ourselves. Taking the time to consider what we allow to be in our space is thoughtful energy. For example, making quality purchases help us see its contribution to the world and us. 

Sustainable investments declutter our space and our minds. It can align the values we consider when living our lives and keep us sensible to the earth we share.  

Sacred Habits:

“I use things like yoga, cooking, and enjoying what I do to slow down.”

“Comfort, slow food, candles, take time for yourself.”

Let yourself discover what creates light in you; these habits can help realign our centers. Creating these little pockets in time are special moments that allow us to remember how beautiful and delicate life truly is. Some examples we recommend are cooking, baking, taking care of plants, doing crafts, and being with nature. 

Slow Living is awakening our senses to more authentic experiences. We can’t let life go by without stopping to smell the roses and appreciate what is around us.

Remember to stay present, inhale, then exhale, and always go with the slow. :)

 x Erin