Are you in the art, design, wellness or positive-impact space and want to create a product or service that deeply connects with your customers?

Keep reading, this is for you!

  • Business Design is using Design Thinking to build the different parts of your business based on customer knowledge and in doing small experiments to de-risk ideas before launch. 

    We know the name makes you think of aesthetics, but it has nothing to do with it. Essentially, Business Design guides you to create meaningful products, services & experiences that your customers really appreciate.

    The final goal is to serve others better by creating more value for them!

  • Teresa, co-founder at Caeli, is an expert Business Designer on a mission to create products, services & experiences that allow people to thrive.

    She's worked with big companies (like HP Inc and Keypath Education) as well as creatives, entrepreneurs & founders worldwide. Some of her past clients include a mindful dating app, an urban community for women in the arts, a meditation app for tech companies and many creative solopreneurs.

    She loves to work with mission-driven founders and coaches that aim to create positive change.

Business Design is for you if you want to:

· Build a solution that solves a real need for your customers

· Unlock more value from existing users (even with existing products or services)

· Move your idea forward and get clarity and security on the next steps

· Remove risk and get to product-market fit faster

  • Do It Yourself

    Take the 6-week Business Design Course, including weekly 1-1 calls with Teresa.

  • Done With You

    Work with Teresa on your specific needs and get personalized guidance and support.

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