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Meet the Artist: RYVELLO

We met with the artist behind RYVELLO, who recently launched two original pieces with us. Her paintings display alluring shapes, tones, and textures influenced by her roots, surrounding culture, and a quaint town in Italy.  Keep reading to know more about her and her art!

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A Glimpse into Slow Living

We looked into our community for recommendations on slow living. Creating  unique rituals just for you can generate good vibes for your day, week and even life. Read more about the benefits of slowing down and enjoying life in small but mighty ways.

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Our word for 2021 is MEANING

Why MEANING? Because we want to make an impact. Because we want to put all our heart on it. Because we don't want to act by default and then think "this is not us". Because life is too short to do something that we find senseless.

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