Meet the artist: An Interview with Katharina Puritscher

Step into the captivating world of the talented artist Katharina Puritscher. 

Delve into the story behind her creative journey, discover how time has shaped her artistry, and gain insights into the inspiration behind the Everyday Romance Collection, created for Caeli and inspired by her stay in the Caeli Apartment.

In this sweet interview, Katharina shares her passion for painting, her evolution as an artist, and the profound impact art has had on her life.


Katharina Puritscher painting in the Caeli Apartment

How did you get started in the creative field, and what inspired you to be an artist? 
I’ve always loved to paint ever since I was little. I started taking it more seriously back in 2018 after finishing my master’s degree in business administration because I felt like I needed a creative outlet. It helped taking my mind off things and brightening up my days.

How do you think your art and creativity have evolved over time?

I think that my art has evolved over time in the sense that I created and perfected my own style that can be recognized by others. While in the beginning it’s really important to experiment as much as possible, there comes a time where you really have to focus on one area of expertise and improve your skills. 

What influenced these changes is:

- Over time, I felt more confident and at ease with my own art, allowing me to paint more freely and intuitive instead getting everything "right". Some of my most popular works were created in such moments.

- I’m also very sensitive to my customers' feedback. Whenever I felt that something was well received, it motivated me to create more of that.

- My own taste also plays a crucial role in all that. It’s hard for me to paint something that doesn’t resonate with me in terms of colors, composition etc. I mostly paint how I feel which also changed over the years.

Katharina Puritscher's paintings in the Caeli Apartment

What inspired the four illustrations that you created for Caeli apart from your stay in the Caeli Apartment?
I tried to capture all the beautiful and little things in life. To keep it light and dreamy, I mostly used soft and pastel colors that make you daydream.

How would you like the people that have them to feel when they see them? 
I hope that they can escape reality for a moment when they look at the illustration and appreciate the little things in life.

Katharina Puritscher painting in the Caeli Apartment

Do you have any daily rituals that you love?
I love my morning coffee, afternoon walks and workouts in the evening. It all helps me to relax.

In terms of creating, I always try to tick off my daily to do’s before starting to paint, so that I can really focus on my art.

What are some things that inspire you?
Nature, architecture, food and travel.

Can you recommend us a book, a song, and an artist?
A book: The Monsters of Templeton by  Lauren Groff
A song: Dandelions by  Ruth B.
An artist: Zahra Holm