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The Evenings Club Founding Membership

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The Evenings Club is a wellness community that meets once a month to slow down, set intentions and learn together. Different expert instructors guide us through journaling, guided meditations, intention setting, breathwork, poetry, music and more. Think of a secret club that supports your growth and helps you build a life you love.

Become a Founding Member today and get access for €7 / $7.50 a month forever. This is a unique opportunity with very limited spaces!

Your Founding Membership includes:

- access to the monthly live sessions hosted by different expert instructors
- access to the recording of the live session
- access to additional expert talks and masterclasses (seasonal nutrition, ayurveda, rest and sleep, energy management, slow interior design,...) 
complementary 5€ off at Caeli quarterly
- a selection of curated meditations to practice between sessions
- unique discounts to sustainable and wellness brands  
- priority access to IRL and URL events
- the opportunity to design a community aligned with your desires and needs

Many more to come!

Of course, cancel anytime. We are looking forward to seeing you inside!