About Us

We are Caeli.
Caeli, like the most beautiful projects, was born from a dream. The dream to share the beautiful things that we were seeing during a long trip to India. These things were natural, pure, authentic, brave, and still very elegant. And that’s how we want Caeli to be.

Caeli has changed and evolved since then, but the core values are still the same: we care about the what, the who and the how on every single product. This is why we only work with ethical suppliers, and we ensure fair working conditions in every product. 

Moreover, we work to have products that are made to order so we avoid overproduction and the waste of resources. And, in this way, you will have a unique piece made only for you. 

Respectful with the planet and its people.
Inspired by pure elements and local culture.
Creating poetic collections.

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max and teresa founders