Meet the Artist: RYVELLO

We met with the artist behind RYVELLO, who recently launched two original pieces with us. Her paintings display alluring shapes, tones, and textures influenced by her roots, surrounding culture, and a quaint town in Italy. 

Moreover, Ry aims to tie in sustainability and originality to every piece she creates.

Keep reading to learn more about Ry and the birth of RYVELLO. 

Tell us about your artistic background and inspirations.

My name is Ryan, but I go by Ry for short. I grew up in California, and I found that the northwest coast, mountains, and natural colors deeply inspired me. My surroundings mean a lot to me, and connecting with nature is a huge part of my well-being.

I studied art my entire life through programs in high school to studying art and photography at university. My artistic passions have developed through mediums like interior design and fashion. Expanding my style through these different channels furthered my craft narrative and connected me to things like antique frames, hand-woven linens, and fabrics from around the world. 

You get your artist name from Ravello, a small town in Italy. What is the story behind that?

It is a beautiful town sitting close to the Amalfi Coast and is surrounded by breathtaking gardens.

When I visited it, I had a feeling in Ravello that I don't know if I could ever replicate; it was profound, inspiring, and connected me to the area. The earthy tones, textures from the streets, surrounding lands, and the people inspired me to share my designs with the world. My name RYVELLO acts as a reminder to continue creating beautiful things for others.


You normally use recycled materials in your art. Why is that important? 

We have an excess of materials at hand in our world that can potentially go to waste. We get so stuck on "new" and forget how much richness and meaning can come from pieces that have already had a story to tell. If I've mixed the perfect color, I want to make sure it can touch several pieces. If I'm working around antique fabrics and frames, I love Etsy to connect with sellers from around the world. Not only does it help our environment, but it also allows us to do something a bit more unique, creative, and think outside of the box. 

What is the inspiration behind the RYVELLO for Caeli art?

When I started creating, it was important to design pieces that matched the warmth of Caeli. 

I wanted to align colors and textures to Caeli, and also RYVELLO simultaneously. I find there is a deep richness about carefully mixing colors to match that. To me these pieces (especially together) incorporate a beautiful California costal experience with warm hues of nature and western interiors. I think that our environments and spaces have an opportunity to transport us and that comes down to the art on our walls, flowers, furniture, and experiences. 

Ryvello's new art is available for purchase on Caeli. These pieces are crafted with a beautiful intention that is one of a kind. Ry's inspiration is directly connected through the hues of nature that she experiences through her environment. Her designs are transformative and can bring you to a whole new world.