Meeting the Artist: Traveling Soul by Why See

We sat down with the creative minds behind Caeli's poster "Traveling Soul." They shared their personal journeys, inspiration, and the intimate meaning behind their name "Why See" and how it aligns with their story.  

why see artists

Tell us a little about yourselves.

Yami: My parents named me Yamila, aka Yam or Yami. I'm from a town in Patagonia, Argentina, but we moved around a lot due to my parents’ work. By 18, I moved to Buenos Aires, then chose different cities after.

I am an artist, but my first career was in film. It helped me create a foundation for developing perspectives, and I discovered a deep connection between both disciplines.

Catu: Catu is short for Catalina. I have been living in Barcelona for almost four years now, but I am originally from Argentina. I studied business and marketing, and I also developed a great love for art—especially abstract painting, and design.

Why the name of “Why See”? What is the story behind it?

Catu: We started toying with our names and initials Y & C. Why See completely aligned with our idea of showing different ways to interpret and see the world. It was also a question we wanted people to ask themselves; to see, observe, and go beyond the surface. It's a call for people to reflect on the world and themselves.

Where do you take inspiration from?

Catu: We take inspiration from literally everywhere, our plants, nature, a walk in the park, our trips, the cities we live in, and our feelings and moods.

Yami: I get most inspired by nature. I believe that's why “Why See” comes into play; it's not only seeing a flower but understanding its composition and the complexity it represents. We only get to know if we are open and willing.

What is the inspiration behind the “Traveling Soul” poster?

Catu: The Traveling Soul poster started with a photo Yam took during her trip to the Merzouga Desert in Morocco. She started experimenting with colors similar to the ones used in Moroccan architecture and textiles. Those are the colors that somehow link the desert with the sun—the colors of sunrise and dawn.

Yami: In “The Traveling Soul,” I tried to represent the warmth, softness, and temperance I felt during my stay there. The kindness of the people I shared this experience with. I believe the colors and the shapes developed in a very organic way as I tried to convey those moments and infinitive views.

Catu: Almost all our prints have some words, even a combination of different languages. We both are a little nomad, having left our home country and traveled to many places throughout the year. 2020 put a stop to that, but not our traveling soul. 


Caeli's new Traveling Soul poster is made  to order and is printed with ecological ink. This poster is for the wandering souls who want to add a unique piece of art to their collection and enhance their interior to the next level!