Meet Liv, founder of Liberate Wellness Studio

We've been talking with Liv about doing a meditation together for a while now. We've joined her classes, done journaling with her and connected with other members of her beautiful Liberate community. Now, we are happy to introduce her to you before the live meditation she will do for Caeli on Sunday 22nd of November!



Liv is the founder of Liberate, a wellness studio that combines yoga, meditation and journaling in their one hour classes. Being originally from New York, she moved to LA 5 years ago and she doesn't plan to leave anytime soon. We chat with her about rituals, wellness and slow life.


Tell us a bit about yourself...

I have a background in everything outdoors, indoor cycling, and “better for you” start-ups. I am also a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, so I focus on mind-body connection to create open energy and positive attitude in all of my Liberate classes, with my team, and with everything I do! 


Can you tell us a bit more about Liberate? What is your mission?

We launched Liberate in May 2020, right in the (first) peak of COVID. I've experienced stress, anxiety, and loneliness throughout transitions in my life, much like all human beings. I wanted to create an approachable, safe space for all humans to take care of our mental well-being and strengthen our relationship to ourselves and others, no matter what we’re going through.

Through an empowering blend of physical movement, mindfulness practice, and community, our virtual classes leave you feeling lighter and closer to the best version of you.

"Our mission is to bring human beings together on the journey to become our best selves."

women doing yoga on the beach


What are the rituals that personally help you live a slower life?

My most valued ritual is to create space for myself with slow, purposeful mornings. Every morning I meditate, read The Book of Awakening, and practice yoga. It's a rather time consuming ritual, but by creating time for it I'm creating space in my mind and a calmer inner state to carry with me throughout the day.

This helps me listen better in meetings, speak more thoughtfully, and breathe more consistently throughout the day. All extremely important things!  


How do you translate those learnings into a slow home?

I used to feel a lot of pressure to fill my home with stuff. Not only is this expensive, but it creates a sense of clutter and busy for me. A minimalistic decor has created more space in my home and mind. I have a decent portion of my living room dedicated to yoga and meditation, and while so simple it's become my favorite part of my home to create stillness, space, and light.


Join us for a live meditation with her on Instagram IGTV on Sunday 22nd November 10am PT / 7pm CET! Make sure to have pen and paper with you as we'll start with a little journaling exercise.

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