Meet the artist: On the Horizon by Bree Cole

The collection "On the Horizon" was born during the lockdown as a search for peace and beauty into the unknown. 

We talk to Bree Cole, the artist, about inspiration, painting, and life. 

When did you start painting? 

I started painting in my late teens / early 20's because, from a young age, I loved the creative process. At some point life just got me away from painting but, when COVID and lockdown came, I began to create again. I needed a positive outlet, something beautiful to focus on. 

What is the inspiration behind the two "New Horizons" pieces?

The name is a reflection on how I was feeling going into our first round of lockdown. I was searching for the positives of where this unknown time could take us. As we look into the future, there are so many unknowns but also beauty and hope! It's captivating and daunting all at the same time. 

And as I live in Australia near the sea, my view of the horizon includes the colors of the ocean meeting the sky.

Nature is always a source of inspiration...

Yes, nature is an endless source of inspiration! As well as interiors and architecture. I studied Interior Design so I often pull inspiration for colors and forms from interiors, surfaces, materials,...

Is there a ritual that you follow before you start painting?

Music is key. I need that to switch off (as much as I can) from daily life. I find the mood of the music finds its way through the paint and onto the canvas. It's my moment.