Oasis Room: It's (almost) all about the light

As these days we are spending a lot of time at home, the need for having a place where we feel comfortable has become more clear than ever. Light plays an important role in how we feel, so we decided to write an article with 6 tips to help you navigate the world of light. 

When thinking about light, the best place to start is by considering which types of tasks you perform in that room. Many times you will find that the same space that you use for relaxation is also the space where you might want to read, work or even have meals. 


living room with a dog and neutral colors


In that case, different types of lights will be needed in the same room to create different kinds of atmospheres. Make sure you can switch between them so you can perform multiple tasks with an adequate feel. 

Cooler lights will be perfect for concentration tasks, while warmer are the ones you should go to for peaceful moments. For example, you might want to have a downlight or a cold light-focused bulb to study, and a warm lamp to relax or even read at night.


bedroom with small lamp


In general, we tend to "overlight" spaces, which can be aggressive and act against relaxation. Here are some tips for creating a calming climate using light:

1) Normally, high lights will create a formal atmosphere while lights that are at a lower level will be the relaxing ones. An easy way to incorporate them is by adding some lamps into your space. Try moving them around the room to see how the lights and shadows make you feel (because remember, "home" is a feeling!).

2) Another easy way to add a mild effect when relaxing is via candles. Play with different sizes and also consider the smell!

3) Dimmer switches are a great way to change the light intensity in multipurpose spaces. If you have the chance, go for it.


living room with books, chairs and two lamps


4) Too many focus points are not restful for the eye. If you have different lights in one room featuring different pieces (like art or specific areas of the space), try to keep only one or two on at the time. What you choose to enlighten can change the whole atmosphere, so why not highlighting something that inspires you to calm like a comfy chair or an ottoman?

5) If you have a big space, you might want to split it into different areas using light. Make sure you can do that with separate switches. Shadow areas will be restful for the eye and mind!

6) If you have too much natural light, consider curtains: they will be perfect for nap moments and create a dreamy atmosphere.

Light changes the feeling you have in a room and we normally underestimate how it affects us, so consider it seriously when creating your oasis :)


bed with comfortable cushions next to a window

Pictures, per order: Highett House by bicker design; Burst on Pexels; Erme Can on Pexels; Brooke Art Studio for Caeli