Chat with Leigh-Ann II: Playing With The Senses

In our latest post, Leigh-Ann, interior designer and founder of Ambient Creative, shared her insights on which materials to focus on when renovating, small changes we can incorporate in our homes to make them more sustainable and how to create meaning in our space. As she says "what we hear, see and touch has an enormous impact on our mood and mental state". Today she talks about engaging the senses through our home environment:



Materials are multi-faceted. They have texture but also temperature and weight. We come into contact with many materials on a large and small scale daily. Are there materials that you enjoy handling and feeling? Try to incorporate these in your daily life. What do you enjoy feeling under your feet when getting in or out of bed? And while you’re preparing food? Compare the feeling of a heavy cast iron pot to a lightweight metal pot, a wooden spoon and a metal spoon - which one sparks more meaningful associations for you?

At Caeli, for example, we love jute because it has a natural raw feel that makes us feel more grounded. 



Light is undeniably emotive and has a tangible effect on one’s mood. Boost the natural light in your home using curtains made from materials like raw linen, which provide privacy while letting light (and shadows) through. In this way, you can reap the benefits of Vitamin D and also create a connection with the natural changes in light.

Be conscious of the quantity and quality of light. Reduce the blue light (laptops, mobile devices etc) and increase the ‘positive’ light sources - this will immediately elevate our mood.


Air and Scent

Infusing your home or workspace with natural scents can immediately transport you to a relaxing state, similar to being immersed in nature. Essential oils and candles are one of the most direct ways of doing this.

Depending on your personal needs, there are different scents to help achieve a range of objectives. Peppermint helps to boost energy, bergamot reduces stress and sandalwood calms nerves and helps with focus.

Before using scents, opening up doors and windows will move stale air and lift the energy of a space while providing subtle sensory stimulation.



Playing ambient music while working or going about daily tasks at home will help to keep your brain engaged at a lower, subconscious level. Stochastic sounds originating from nature, like the breeze moving a wind chime, can relax the mind and allow it to roam while providing just enough stimulation to register as inspiration.


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