Meet the artist: Sunflower & the moon

"A picture is a poem without words." Horace

And that's how we feel when we see Fulya's paintings. The Germany-based artist stands out for her elegant pieces, imagination and constant experimentation with different techniques.  

When she is not working in her atelier, you can find her traveling and visiting historical cities that make her feel inspired. 

And it's actually her last trip to Paris what inspired the collection made for Caeli, "Symbose". The classical lines of the French capital are reinterpreted and merge in a combination of delicate lines and forms. 

We combine the modern paintings with relaxed homes full of natural materials and light colors. The result is amazing! 


Want to feel inspired like Fulya? 

Check out her favorites in Paris!

 And our personal picks:

Aish... Paris... 


 Picture by Behzad Ghaffarian via Unsplash.