We are Caeli

It's important for us that our brand and values are clear and everybody understands what's going on here. So we will explain everything!
Let's start with us :)
Caeli was born from a trip to India because of the need to share the beautiful things that we were seeing during our journey. These things were natural, pure, authentic, and still elegant. And that’s how we want Caeli to be.
Caeli is a home decor textiles brand. Doing things right requires time but we are closer to our destination so expect some news from us soon.  Our commitment is continue doing the right thing during the entire process, as well as with all other parties involved.
In the meantime, Caeli is a space for collaboration between different ethical brands. We have teamed up with different selected partners to bring you capsule collections that represent what Caeli is now, and hopefully make you dream of what it will be. Enjoy!

Respectful with the planet and its people.
Inspired by pure elements and local culture.
Creating memorable collections.